Project Samples and Resume

  • StudyBuddy for ADHD students (Code for a Cause) -Spring 2013

Developed a web application along with 3 other graduate students using Google Calendar to alert attention deficit students to do their homework

  • AllMusic Application  – Spring 2013

Used Web Technologies(PHP- Regular Expressions, Java Servlet Technology, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS3 and Facebook mashup)
Upgraded the web application to a mobile version in Android

  • Textual Puzzle Solver Spring 2013

Programmed the logic of a textual puzzle in Prolog

  • Game Tree Spring 2013

Created a 4-depth game tree implementing Mini-Max algorithm with Alpha-Beta pruning

  • Stitching Curve generator for Panoramic images Spring 2013

Implemented various tree search algorithms to find the stitching curve of a predefined image mesh

  • SureVac Technologies, Team Member Spring 2011

Developed a J2EE project for collecting and processing customer complaints
Collaborated with a team of 4 on the development of the software based on MVC pattern

My GitHub Page

My Resume

GOAL: I want to reach the post of Senior research associate and leave to become a CEO J

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